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New Gurudwara Building


GNFA is in process of purchasing 10 Acres of land adjoining the present Gurudwara. Contract has been signed for the purchase price of $ 1.8 M. Settlement will be done towards the end of October, 2001. More details will be posted on this Site soon.

New Gurudwara Building

From the last few years everybody in the sangat has been talking about a new gurudwara building. Since the last extension of the present building took place the community has increased many folds and of course every time we do the extension it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The concept of a new monumental gurudwara building with the traditional gurudwara look has been a matter of discussion of every board from the last few years. We all have seen the sketches and drawings of how the new gurudwara building will look like.

The Capital Project Committee was formed in the month of April 1999 to proceed with the necessary steps to start the project. After holding a few meetings with the Maryland Park and Planning Commission and a few with engineers and architects from the community it became obvious to the committee that before we lay the foundation stone we have to do certain things which is called the "pre-permit process". Once this pre-permit process is complete, then the permit process starts. This is a long Process but we have to legally go through it.

Now that the first step of the pre-permit process of collecting deeds of the surrounding properties and survey and topography of the land has been done, we are now moving towards the next step which includes Forest and Delineation report, Forest Conservation Plan, Storm Water Management concept and Record Plat.

On behalf of the entire Capitol Project Committee, I would like to assure the sangat that though the process is slow and sometimes frustrating, we are moving towards the direction of the laying of the foundation stone of the new building. I also want to emphasize that the permit process is not visible, but rest assured we are working on that. Time to time management will keep the sangat informed of the progress. The committee also needs a lot of help from the sangat. So please feel free to call me or any members of the committee. A new GNFA building account has been opened and we request everybody to donate generously. The rough estimate of this project is four million dollars. We believe that there is a lot of strength in the community to pull this together.

I would also like to thank each and everyone who are currently involved with this project on a day to day basis.

May Waheguru bless and give us strength to fulfill this seva.

S Kanwaljit Singh Soni

(Building Committee Co-ordinator) 301.459.3163

S Bakhshish Singh

S Inderbir Singh, P.E.

S Charanjit S Grewal

S Raghbir Singh Brar

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