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Community News
GNFA Community


GNFA membership has been reduced to $11.00 from $31.00.

GNFA Management plans to replace the existing GNFA Computer training trailer with two adjoining trailers in the near future. This will provide a bigger and better facility.

GNFA is in process of purchasing 10 Acres of land adjoining the present Gurudwara. Contract has been signed for the purchase price of $ 1.8 M. Settlement will be done towards the end of October, 2001. More details will be posted on this Site soon.

The possibility of starting seven days morning and evening Diwans is under consideration by GNFA Management and Sadh Sangat. A decision regarding this issue is expected to be taken soon.

GNFA Management is activily considering the creation of two permanent positions, one for Kathawachik and the other for Sewadar. A decision regarding this issue is expected to be taken in the near future.

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